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12.02.2021 0 Categories News


Dear Сlients! 

We value our cooperation and do our best to improve and increase
the quality of the services for you!

We have prepared a number of changes of our services:

1. This year, we increase the internet speed of all the tariff packages keeping the same price!

The change of the internet speed will be done stepwise, starting from the lowest packages.

For packages from 5 Mbps to 30Mbps, the internet speed will be doubled.

For packages from 50 Mbps to 100 Mbps, the increase of the internet speed will be held individually.

All the clients will be informed about the internet speed change accordingly. (kindly be informed that once the Internet speed is increased, the change of tariff to the lower package will not be available for next 3 months)

2. «Voluntary Block» – first 3 months for FREE!
For the convenience of our clients, we decided to change the terms of the “Voluntary Block” service. Now, the service “Voluntary Block” is provided FREE of charge for the first three months. Each subsequent month costs 5 EUR. The changes came into effect from 1 st February 2021.

To find more information about “Voluntary Block” service, please click here

3. We canceled the payment for the change of tariff plan.

The change of the tariff plan has become much easier!

The change to and from the high-speed tariff plans from 50 Mbps remains paid, as the replacement or change of the terminal equipment is required. The cost of the tariff change is 50 EUR.

You can change the tariff plan only once a month.

4. As per our clients’ request, we have introduced the new service – “Video Surveillance”.

Keep your property under control. In case a suspicious movement is detected, the alert will be sent to your mobile phone.

All the records will be stored at the cloud storage for the period of 6 months. You will have access the storage anytime from anywhere in the world.

Service cost:

  • Equipment: Outdoor video-camera – 145 EUR
  • Installation cost  – 25 EUR
  • Monthly charge  – 5 EUR

Any questions?
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