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24.08.2021 0 Categories News

The procedure of “Change of ownership” service! Conditions and Terms!

Dear subscribers,

The company signs the service agreement with the person who applied for a new connection. However, sometimes it is necessary to register the contact under the name of another person.

Reasons to use the service :

  1. Change of property ownership/ change of tenant
  2. Accurate data for the provision of an invoice/utility bill
  3. For the prompt provision of the company  services,  that requires the consent of the contract owner (not the 3rd party).

 Service cost: 25 Euros

Important: it is necessary to receive confirmation and consent from the previous owner of the contract  about his comprehension of the procedure that will occur. He needs to send an email, or he can come to the office in person! The new owner of the contract can also write a corresponding letter with the data after confirmation, or visit one of our offices.

Kind regards,