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07.09.2021 0

Restart the router! When is it necessary

Dear customers! Users of Wi-Fi networks have cases when the connection is very slow, interruptions, low speed or the Internet disappears completely. In these instances, the easiest and fastest way to return normal speed and connection is to restart the router.

A router is a device that is equipped with a network processor, memory and an operating system, so it can be compared with a PC that sometimes freezes. And only a reboot helps to return the equipment to working condition. Thus, the Internet is reconnected, network protocols are updated, and the optimal frequency of the radio channel is automatically selected.

How to restart the router correctly:

To do this, turn off the power using the button on the case or turn off the device from the outlet. After 1 minute, you need to turn on the power again, the device will reboot and automatically adjust to the optimal radio frequency from the antenna.

IMPORTANT! Some models of equipment are equipped with a “Reset” button on the case, you do NOT need to press it – in most cases it serves to reset the device to factory settings.

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