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27.11.2020 0 Categories News

New service available – chat bot

Dear customers,

We are glad to inform you that the communication with us has become easier and more convenient.

Starting from today, our CHATBOT is available in Telegram for your queries. In order to reduce the waiting time, your queries will be directly sent to the technical support.

To activate the CHATBOT you need to:
1) Follow the link  or find us in telegram @TechSup_InternetBot
2) Press “START” button
3) Select your language, by pressing the related icon
4) Choose your provider: Alphanet or Dragonnet
5) Enter your mobile phone number of the contract number (Last 4 digits)
6) Confirm the contract number
7) The CHATBOT will suggest you sending a query to the technical support. Press “Send request”
8) Describe your problem, providing more details.
9) The CHATBOT will suggest you creating the TICKET. Select “YES” or “NO”
10) After the “Ticket” is created, you will receive its number. Then the “Ticket” is sent to the technical support for diagnostics and problem solving.
11) In case the issue has been solved, you will receive a notification that the “Ticket” is closed.
If the problem is solved- press “YES”, if you press “No”, your ticket will be returned back to work.


1. In case the problem is not solved remotely, the Call Centre operator will contact you shortly to arrange an engineer support.
2. Time of query handling from 8:00-23:00, approximately  1 hr.