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12.07.2021 0


Dear customers,

For your convenience you can pay for Internet services using JCC SMART!

Below is an instruction for payments on the JCC SMART portal.

Step 1: Registration.

If you do not have an account, you will need to register on the JCC SMART website.

Step 2: Search for an organization.
One authorised in the JCC SMART System, you need to type “Superdach LTD” in the search tool. Superdach Ltd is the legal name of the company.

Step 3: Data Entry:

The payment is credited to your account automatically, so it is important to correctly specify the information.
1) Please enter the prefix: BILL or DRAGON, according to the provider you have.
2) Please enter the 4 digit account number
3) Please enter the payment amount.

Step 4: Payment confirmation.

If the payment is successful, your transaction will be reflected in the JCCSMART personal account and you will be able to download the payment receipt.

Right after the payment is credited, you will receive the SMS notification on your mobile phone number.

For any further information needed, please contact us at 250 50 300.

Thank you,