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23.09.2020 0 Categories News

Internet in Cyprus

Let’s take a look at all the possible connection types available in Cyprus.

  • Satellite Internet
  • Fiber optic internet
  • ADSL broadband internet
  • Wireless Internet
  • Mobile Internet
    Whereas ISPs used to be able to offer basic broadband Internet access or expensive satellite connections in Cyprus, there are now many providers that offer services ranging from basic Internet access to high speed fiber optic connections or wireless access.

Since internet connections are still relatively expensive compared to the rest of Europe, it is worth looking at which internet connection and which provider will offer you the best value for money solution while still meeting your online needs.

If you only need to do basic online tasks such as checking emails and viewing information, the cheapest solution is likely to be the best option.

On the other hand, if you need to be able to watch videos and TV shows on the Internet, call family and friends using VoIP or Skype services, you will need to fulfill some minimum requirements for your connection.

ADSL broadband and wireless Internet services are worth looking into as they represent the best value for money for most people.

Broadband ADSL is not available everywhere in Cyprus. To connect, you need to find out if there is already a line to your home that provides ADSL broadband access. If not installed, it can be an expensive option to pay to install the line.

Wireless ISPs are an alternative and fast solution. More often than not, they cover more areas and the connectivity is greater.

The fiber optic Internet is as fast as possible. But fiber optic connections are less common in Cyprus than any other cable service. This is a rather expensive service.

Satellite Internet access is also quite an expensive solution, but on the other hand it can be a good option if you live in the villages of Cyprus.

Cyprus has 3G and 4G. However, with mobile internet, you will have to keep an eye on the cost when paying when planning or calculating with a limited subscription plan. You may also have problems with 3G coverage, especially 4G, outside the major cities of Cyprus.

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