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24.07.2020 0 Categories News

How to find out what speed is optimal for connection?

Surely you are asking yourself what tariff to connect.

Before choosing a tariff, you need to decide how you will use the Internet and how many devices will be connected.

• Surfing in social networks and browsing – optimal connection speed – 2-3 Mbps

• Conducting video conferencing and viewing SD-video – 3-4 Mbps.

• To watch videos in HD quality, you need a speed of at least 5 Mbps.

• For viewing Full HD movies – from 8 Mbps.

• To enjoy 4K video, you need to purchase Wi-Fi equipment that provides a transfer rate of 25 Mbps and higher.

For a more accurate calculation, you need know how the Internet channel is used – that is, how many devices are connected to the home network.

If different devices simultaneously download HD-quality movies, play online games, browse the pages of social networks, then for the correct calculation you need to sum up all the numbers.