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09.11.2020 0 Categories News

Difference between tariffs for companies and individuals

The Internet for individuals and legal entities has a number of differences.

The technological features of providing the Internet service to the office differ significantly from the method of obtaining the Internet that a private person uses. For example, connecting a corporate client, the provider company creates a separate channel.

Indeed, for a legal entity, the Internet is not only the transfer and receipt of information, but payments, financial transactions and much more. Therefore, reliable Internet access to the office is much more expensive than household Internet.

Also, for a corporate client, the provider is guaranteed to keep a dedicated line, regardless of whether they are using it at the moment or not. And in an apartment building, the operator can vary the connection lines depending on the load.

Technical support for legal entities, as a rule, is carried out at a higher level and in the shortest possible time. Demanding an increased tariff compared to a private owner for the Internet in the office, the provider company undertakes the obligation to instantly respond to various disruptions in work.

For individuals, the Internet provider offers tariffs at lower prices, because he uses the Internet for only a few hours a day. The equipment that is being installed for domestic use of the Internet is of a different level. The service is provided as usual.

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