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Check the Internet Speed.

Internet users frequently ask a question on how to check the speed of the internet connection. In this article you can find the information about the internet speed, what affects the speed and how to measure the internet connection speed to get the most accurate results.

What is Internet Speed?

Internet Speed refers to the time period the data is transmitted from your device to the Web or to the other Internet Service user and back. There are two main speed types:

1.Incoming Speed(Download)- how fast the data is received ( downloads of web-pages, media files, web-sites, etc)

2. Outgoing Speed(Upload) — how fast the data is sent( uploads of files, media content to Social networks, etc)

A measure unit of internet speed: 1Мбит/с

What factors affect Internet Speed? ( WIFI- connection)

The internet speed is depended on the number of different factors. Here are some of them:
— Network Programs: most of the programs use the internet in a stand by mode to proceed with software updates.
— Number of connected devices : the more devices connected to the network, the lower the speed is on all of them
— Distance to router: the far the connected device from the router, the lower the internet speed.
— Server workload: if 20 users download any file from the server, the speed is also affected
— Other factors : the speed of wireless connection is affected by electric devices, walls and other wireless networks.

How to measure the Internet Speed?

The Internet speed can be measured with the special tool, called SpeedTest program. To obtain the most accurate results we strongly recommend you to use one of the SpeedTest Systems mentioned below:


Basic rules for Internet Speed Measurement:
1. Disconnect all the devices from the network, except of the one the speedtest will be completed from.

2. While making a speed test, be as close to the router as possible.

3. To obtain more accurate results, you need to make 3 (three) sustained speedtests within 1 hour (1 speed test each 15 minutes)

4. It is suggested to make a speedtest from the device connected to the router via cable.

We kindly ask you to read the detailed instruction on how to make a Internet connection speedtest available at the OCECPR website.

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