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Attention subscribers!

Dear customers!

Lately we have received many complaints that come from people who appear to be employees of our company and say that company Daxinet is the new name of the company Alphanet, offering to switch to the new network. Also, a few days before the arrival of these people, there are interruptions or problems with Internet access.

We officially declare that these employees do not work in our company.
Daxinet has no relationship to the company Alphanet.

Any changes, both legal and technical, we always publish on the website of the company Alphanet in the sections: news and information about the company.
Before each visit to the client, we always contact by phone and agree on the time of our employees visit. Also, in case of changes, we will provide a new or modified contract to the client.

Any connections without a contract are illegal and this entails revocation of the license from Internet operator.

If you have any similar situation, please contact us by phone 25050300 or write to us at mail

Perhaps you are faced with rumors that the company Alphanet is closed, that it has problems with which it cannot cope and it is necessary to connect to another carrier.
All accidents in the company’s network are NOT accidental and are the result of external, illegal influence, the facts of which have already opened criminal cases in the police.

We officially declare that we do not plan to close.
On the contrary, we plan to grow and develop in the Cyprus market and are working to modernize the network, restore and provide guaranteed and quality communication services. We implement the most modern technologies and attract the best specialists to implement the plans.

We understand that our customers are less interested in competitive wars, guaranteed communication services are important for You. The easiest solution would be to report that all problems are solved and accidents will not happen again.
In the current situation, when the company’s network is constantly subjected to diversification aimed at the outflow of customers, no one can guarantee 100% provision of the service. But we can guarantee that we will make every effort to provide a stable and high-quality Internet in the shortest possible time.
In our optimistic forecast it will take about 2 weeks.

At the moment, we are trying to quickly eliminate the consequences and prevent possible sabotage.
In the near future, we will publish a plan of our work on the upcoming changes and how these works will affect the quality of services provided.

Many of You know that every customer is important to us. In our work we try to use a personal approach and solve problems as quickly as possible.

Thank you for staying with us and supporting us!

We take all necessary measures to meet your expectations!

Sincerely, Alphanet